Who We Are

Techknot is an AI based company actively involved in the development of Automation, Web Applications, Networking, Network Security, Video Analytics

Artificial Intelligence for Video Analytics

A well-trained deep learning solution allows video analytics to analyze facial data more quickly by providing more accurate face detection with faster response time, thus creating a powerful method for facial recognition.

A number of systems will be able to communicate with each helping in taking decisions and readily catching suspicious activities or predicting them before they can happen

Combining Video Analytics with Location and Identity-based Systems

There are some situations where a camera cannot take action due to some visual obstacle that is not included in camera tampering algorithms which means video analytics will not work. The situation can be beyond the line of sight.

  • Combining video analytics with other advanced technologies: including Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) or Radio-frequency identification Systems (RFID), can provide the exact data or location.
  • Micro Expression Analysis: Video analytics can be achieved based on data curation, sentiment analysis, and other advanced solutions. Expressions like “happy”, “sad”, “angry”, “scared”, “surprised” or “neutral” form the basis of video analytics.
  • People management: Crowd detection, queue management, people counting, people scattering, people tracking
  • Vehicle management: Vehicle classification, traffic monitoring, license plate recognition, road data gathering
  • Device protection: Protection against camera tampering, perimeter protection, intrusion detection, theft and threat detection